Stepping Stones for Positive Parenting

Evidence-Based programming for families who need support

There is clear evidence that the early years of children’s lives shape their future, including their physical and mental health, learning capacity, social and emotional wellbeing and life opportunities. Among the challenges facing many parents is support of their young children who are either born with special needs or develop such needs early in life. While all parents want the best for their child many lack the tools necessary to parent most effectively. The Triple P System represents a transformational approach to improving the health and wellbeing of the community at large. When parents are empowered – in their child’s earliest years – with the tools for personal change they will be more empowered to parent their children positively.



The Seminars tackle the most common issues for parents of children with a disability and bring together large groups of parents. Each seminar takes 90 minutes to present, and a participant can do one, two or all three in the series. The topics in the series are: Positive Parenting for Children with a Disability; Helping your Child Reach their Potential; and Changing Problem Behavior into Positive Behavior. All of the Seminar sessions have a  Tip Sheet takeaway for the parent, and CFEC will also share information about additional resources and programs that are available to help them, and their child, in our community.

Childcare will be provided to at no cost and a family meal will also be included.


Group sessions are for parents who are having more significant challenges with their child’s behavior, or parents who simply want to know how to better encourage their child’s development and potential. The in-person material for Group is covered in six lessons and will be delivered over multiple days. All parents who participate will receive their own workbook and will also be able to access additional referral and resource information.

Groups will include snacks and gift cards that can be used to off-set the cost of childcare.



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