Developing Independence Through Enrichment

We partner with two Winston-Salem / Forsyth County Schools – The Children’s Center and The Special Children’s School – to provide high-quality education and valuable enrichment opportunities to children with physical and developmental disabilities. In addition, both locations accept typically developing children through kindergarten.

All students with special needs receive customized, individual care in the form of physical, occupational and speech therapy. In addition, we offer a leading-edge Enrichment Program that blends adaptive physical education, art instruction, music and movement classes and nature-based activities to create rewarding experiences for students of differing abilities.


Horticulture Therapy

Horticultural therapy brings nature-based programs into our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Lessons have a hands-on focus and are designed to strengthen memory, enhance cognitive abilities, build task initiation, develop language skills and increase socialization levels.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Our students can participate in therapeutic horseback riding as part of their school experience. Our partner, Riverwood Therapeutic Riding Center, provides equine-assisted activities designed to improve muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination and motor development, and enhance emotional well-being.

Classroom & Therapy Grants

Great teams are always looking for new ways to expand their instruction and engage their students. Innovation is important, but it can be expensive. With this in mind, CFEC accepts grant requests from teachers and therapists at partner schools to help meet classroom or therapeutic needs.

Typical Child Inclusion Program

When diverse groups of children play and learn together, amazing things happen. We reserve spots in our Pre-K and kindergarten programs for typically developing children.

Therapy Dogs

Our trained therapy dogs come in all sizes and breeds and offer affection and comfort to program participants. Friendly, patient, gentle and at ease in all situations, these wonderful dogs enjoy being hugged and handled. Their primary job at our monthly “dog days” is to let people enjoy them.


Our facilities at The Children’s Center and the Special Children’s School are five-star licensed child care centers and developmental day centers. Both facilities provide and maintain a wide variety of specialized equipment to support the universal needs of our community.


Working in partnership with the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools

Children’s Center

2315 Coliseum Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Phone: (336) 727-2440
Fax: (336) 727-2873
Special Children’s School

4505 Shattalon Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Phone: (336) 703-4191
Fax: (336) 924-0388


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The CFEC Main Office

2315 Coliseum Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Phone: (336) 727-2440
Fax: (336) 727-2873


Monday – Friday:

7:30am – 5:30pm


Make a difference in the lives of children with special needs by volunteering at The CFEC. Opportunities include working with children, performing clerical tasks, landscaping and building maintenance, and assisting with special events.


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