I want to take a moment and recognize the amazing teaching staff CFEC gets to work with, and support, every single day. Our programs are filled with staff and teachers who have made it their life’s mission to care for children with special needs. One mother recently shared with me that her “…friends and family constantly comment on my daughter’s amazing growth and development… that’s mainly because my daughter doesn’t know she has a disability and that is because she spends all day with people who treat her like she doesn’t.”

I recently came across and article called the “Top 10 Traits of a Special Education Teacher” and it confirmed what I have been thinking for awhile now… Our teaching staff is THE BEST!  Teachers play a critical role in the development of children. An excellent teacher can serve as an inspirational and encouraging role model for a child long after the classroom year is over. This is especially true when it comes to special education teachers who work with children dealing with diverse challenges and needs.

Next time you see a special education teacher… give him or her a hive five, and thank them for being (1) organized, (2) creative, (3) highly intuitive, (4) calm, (5) detail-oriented, (6) deadline-oriented, (7) adaptive, (8) even-tempered, (9) funny, and (10) loving.