Enrollment at The CFEC

An individualized experience


The Centers for Exceptional Children serve such a diverse range of children with special needs, as well as typically-developing children that, very often, no two families’ experience is the same, whether you’re considering enrollment, potential fees, applicable programs and services, etc. We can best serve you by scheduling a one-on-one phone consultation or an in-person meeting to learn more about your child and your family’s needs.

If you are interested in learning more about The CFEC, our enrollment process, or fees we encourage you to contact us (see below) or schedule a tour. We are looking forward to meeting you and your family!

The Children's Center

Call Shawn Martin at 336.727.2440

The Special Children's School

Call Karen Young at 336.703.4191

Programs & Services at The Centers for Exceptional Children

Instructional Programs

The CFEC provide a wide range of individualized
therapeutic programming with outcome-based services.

Therapeutic Services

The CFEC maintain a highly-trained and experienced
clinical staff that is focused on providing outcome-based services.