We asked our new board president, Betsy Armentrout, to be our first guest in our new “5 Quick Q’s” series. Here’s what Betsy, a pediatrician at Ford, Simpson, Lively and Rice shared:

Why do you give (time, talent, treasure) to CFEC?

“I have a heart for children and feel that is it especially important to be a voice for those who may not always be heard.”

Why is board service important to you?

“I have learned that board service is an amazing opportunity to really be a team member and collaborate with people with very different areas of expertise. In my professional life, most of my colleagues have skill sets similar to my own, but on a board I have the chance to work with people who bring completely different strengths to our organization. It is very rewarding to be a part of a team that supports such an amazing organization like CFEC.”

Can you share a piece of advice for future board members?

“Jump in and get involved! For some that may be through direct involvement with the schools, students and staff, for others it may be through really using their personal expertise to engage in a project or to fulfill a need for the organization.”

Share something that not a lot of people know about you.

“I swam for Indiana University – my strengths were feet first swimming, which was unfortunately not a sanctioned event, and academics. I was recognized as the female student athlete with the highest GPA my junior year.”

What are you currently watching/reading/listening to?

“I am reading Us Against You by Fredrick Bachman and How to be an Antiracist by Ibram Kendi.”