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Hope for children to reach their fullest potential in life


Without visiting one of our campuses, it’s difficult to understand the impact that the Centers for Exceptional Children have on the lives of the children, families, and staff who walk our halls every day. The Children’s Center and The Special Children’s School are places of warmth — of light and laughter and hope for so many children to reach their fullest potential in life and achieve more than they ever imagined.

We want you to experience the magic of our schools — the vibrant, joyful, loving energy that fills our halls each day — so that you can understand the importance and the impact of the work we do here. We encourage you to contact us today to arrange a tour of The Children’s Center or The Special Children’s School. Whether you’re a parent of a typical or special needs child, a prospective teacher or staff member, a volunteer, donor, or member of the community, we are looking forward to sharing the experience of The CFEC with you.

Group Tours

If your group or organization would like a tour, email Shana Heilbron at shana@thecfec.org or call 336.727.2440.

Experience the magic of The CFEC firsthand.

Contact us to arrange a tour today!

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