Grant From Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Carolina Supports Physical Therapy in the Infant & Toddler Program

The Infant & Toddler program is uniquely different than any other in Forsyth County because our professional staff of educators and therapists work hand-in-hand to help children reach their individual goals. CFEC has a full time physical therapist and full time occupational therapist on staff to work with children who require individual therapies. Over the last decade, hundreds of children have been able to make physical improvements because of the countless hours spent in therapy. Our therapists have been resourceful over the years in obtaining equipment to support this growth – standers, walkers, chairs – but because of the cost of many of these tools, we have been limited in our ability to upgrade to the latest technology. The equipment being used today has been in place for many years, making it difficult to repair and use effectively. 
A grant award in December from The Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Carolina is being used to  purchase new stander equipment. “Assisted upright standing is a way for children with moderate ability to experience standing and to improve muscle strength,” said Diane Lippiello, the program’s physical therapist.  “These stander devices are a great way to improve our children’s outlook on the world and their physical development.” In addition, evidence has shown they improve blood pressure and circulation, help digestion, bowel & bladder emptying, encourages bone and muscle development, gives a new perspective on ways to participate in activities, aids respiration and speech, helps relieve pressure created during sitting, supports pelvis, thighs and feet so children can join in everyday activity and provides opportunities to increase social skills.
Special thanks to Ginny Wann, an Owner/Operator of multiple McDonald’s locations in the Triad for her support in securing the grant!
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