Frequently Asked Questions

Why did The Children’s Center and The Special Children’s School merge into The Centers for Exceptional Children?

By joining forces, we can improve the quality of services offered at both locations, more adequately address each child’s specific needs, and strive towards our mission more efficiently and effectively. Both schools have a long history of providing outstanding service to children with special needs and both are collaborative efforts between the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools and The United Way. Both the school system and The United Way encouraged the merger and have enthusiastically supported the process.

Together, our goal is to become the Gold Standard of services for children with special needs.


What is the process of becoming a student like at The CFEC?

The Centers for Exceptional Children serve such a diverse range of children with special needs as well as typically-developing children that, very often, no two families’ experiences are the same, whether you’re considering the enrollment process, potential fees, applicable programs and services, etc.

We can best serve you by scheduling a one-on-one phone consultation or an in-person meeting to learn more about your child and your family’s needs. If you are interested in exploring the options available for your child, please Contact Us or view our Enrollment page for more information today!

What is the difference between The Special Children’s School and The Children’s Center?

Historically, The Special Children’s School and The Children’s Center have had slightly different focuses in serving children.  The Children’s Center has predominantly served children with physical disabilities and/or significant medical issues. The Special Children’s School has focused its efforts on children with a wide range of developmental delays. In addition to preschool and school-age programs, The Children’s Center houses an Infant/Toddler Program which serves children from birth through age two.

If one of these locations is appropriate for my child, what is the process of enrollment?

We would love to talk with you about your child. Please visit our Enrollment page for more information.


In order to enroll at The Centers for Exceptional Children, must my family live in Forsyth County?

We would love to talk with you about your child. Please visit our Enrollment page for more information.

What kinds of services and programs does The CFEC offer?

Both schools primarily provide a developmentally-appropriate education. Given their special needs, these children are typically unable to thrive in a traditional, age-appropriate curriculum setting.

One of the great strengths of The CFEC is that educational and therapeutic programming is individualized. For each child, there is either an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP/Birth -2) or Individualized Education Plan (IEP/3 and up). These plans start with the present levels of performance for the child, establish appropriate goals, prescribe necessary interventions, and state how the accomplishment of goals will be measured. In other words, IFSP’s and IEP’s provide us with the ultimate version of outcome-based services.

In addition to a developmentally-appropriate education, children may receive physical therapy, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy. To learn more about the full range of programs and services offered at The CFEC, visit our Programs & Services page.

What are the qualifications of staff at The CFEC?

The CFEC employ exceptionally qualified staff. All teachers hold Bachelor’s Degrees and many hold Master’s Degrees, in addition to state-issued Birth through Kindergarten teacher licensure or state-issued Special Education teacher licensure. Our teacher’s assistants must maintain Department of Public Instruction “highly qualified” status. Nurses and Therapists are fully licensed and most also have Master’s Degrees.

An additional strength of our staff is significant experience. They love their work and find joy in what they do; our staff retention level is outstanding.

Visit our Staff page for more information on our incredible team.

What measures does The CFEC have in place to meet the medical needs of students?

Full-time professional nurses are employed at both schools, and all direct service staff are trained to address feeding, medication, and emergency management.

What are the advantages of the Typical Child or Inclusion programs?

Please visit the Typical Child Inclusion Program page for more information.

Does The CFEC offer volunteer opportunities?

There are numerous Volunteer Opportunities available through The CFEC, as well as many other ways to Get Involved.

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