About The Centers for Exceptional Children

Dedicated to serving children with special needs and their families


The Centers for Exceptional Children (The CFEC) are comprised of The Children’s Center and The Special Children’s School. While serving more than 220 children between the ages of birth and eleven, The CFEC focuses significant resources and attention on the needs of each child and his or her family. The CFEC strives to care for children with developmental delays, orthopedic disabilities, and/or other long-term chronic health impairments to prepare them to lead independent, productive, and fulfilling lives.

Instructional Programs

The therapeutic programming at The CFEC is highly individualized and outcome-based. Click below to learn more about the full range of programs and therapies we offer.

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Therapeutic Services

Therapists are instrumental in guaranteeing that each child’s needs are addressed out as part of his or her daily routine; ensuring that all children are making steady, incremental progress toward their goals. Click below to learn more about the full range of clinical services offered at The CFEC.

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Our Goals


The CFEC has the same goal as any educational program: to prepare each student for the next steps in life. When a student achieves certain objectives and is therapeutically ready, he or she advances to a regular school or other appropriate educational environment.  We map out a plan for the child that’s as special as the child. Not only do we design a program to meet the physical needs of the student, but the learning and social needs as well. Each child receives unconditional and unlimited love, encouragement, and praise.


Community Partnerships


For the greater Winston-Salem/Forsyth County area, The CFEC represents a unique collaboration between the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools and the United Way, with additional support from Smart Start of Forsyth County. These partnerships create the opportunity for The CFEC to provide a full array of services for the infant/toddler population in addition to the educational needs of our preschool and school-age children. Both schools are full of examples of children who have progressed beyond the expectations of physicians’ and professionals’ initial long-term diagnoses. This has been made possible through the availability of special equipment and a professional staff (teachers, therapists, nurses, and assistants) whose focus is to work with each child individually to prepare him or her for an independent, contributing, and fulfilling life.

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